~ Dr. Einstein Speaks ~

~ Dr. Einstein Speaks ~

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                                                                             Series 1

March 6, 2012                                VITAMINS and MINERALS

I want to thank all of the readers of this blog/column for joining us here, for you will gain tidbits of information to help yourselves in your everyday life and reduce your exposure to toxic substances from our environment and other areas where exposures occur.   Over the last 4 decades of gaining knowledge about vitamins and minerals, I have learned the important roles they serve in our physiology and cellular metabolic applications.  Since the introduction of hazardous materials, toxic substances, exposures to mold, advanced nano materials and many other parameters that synergistically effect life’s cellular activities, all life has been affected to a maximum degree by their toxicological effects.  These effects are many times subtle, due to the human body always trying to make up for something going on within its basic cell structure, tissues and organ systems.

I will be writing this blog/column to bring to my readers information I feel is important to know, learn and to utilize in your everyday life, because everyone must take care of themselves, then they can take care of others – especially their family members.

Iovine Produce

Iovine Produce

The governmental official position with regard to the difference
between natural and synthetic VITAMINS was explained when
an official biochemist, George M. Briggs of the United States Department of Agriculture some 35 years ago, said that natural foods have “several important nutrients and substances whose identity we still do not know.  We call them unidentified factors.”   And that same fact is still true today.  Each day scientists are making new discoveries on the many sub-nutrients, enzymes, proteins and even the interaction of insects and natural vitamins from plant sources.  Our knowledge will always be expanding as we go through the universe of the cell and answer the question of what causes the “cosmic cellular burst” of a single photon of light within its essence of being.In studies of the growth and reproduction of animals, it has been found that the superior growth resulting from the use of natural food products “cannot be duplicated with pure protein or amino acids.”  The isolation of unidentified factors requires long periods of expensive laboratory studies.   Briggs stated that “the grass juice factor is a good example of how long studies on unidentified factors often take.  It takes a particularly devoted scientist to stick to a problem, for example, that goes on for twenty years without an answer.”

It has taken many years to isolate the various categories of B vitamins and the scientists are still recognizing and isolating additional B vitamins.   It is obviously more desirable to eat some brewer’s yeast or other natural substance which contains all of the B vitamins, both known and unknown, rather than to purchase a few isolated vitamins that have been presently identified.

In some instances, in the course of processing of foods, a manufacturer will remove vitamins during the manufacturing and will “enrich” the resultant product by adding one, two or three vitamins.   In more recent times, modified food starches that contain waterborne polyurethanes (styrene, a known carcinogenic agent in animals) have been added to the mixture.   And “yes” there is a difference in the chemical composition of various cane sugars and corn sugarsas brought out through advanced Raman spectroscopy analysis, which proves all sugars are not alike.  Many of the vitamins that are used in the enrichment process have been obtained from the synthesizing of coal or wood-tar derivatives, and, for that reason, many may actually be toxic and contain no life forces as do the natural plant-sourced vitamins.  In addition, the “enrichment” of a product by the addition of fewer

Delicious Edibles

Delicious Edibles

than original number of vitamins may easily produce a deficiency, as in many cases vitamins must be ingested into the body in proper proportions.  It is, therefore, wiser and safer to eat natural foods and to avoid the risks of depending upon obtaining an adequate supply of vitamins from the pill bottles or from the so-called “enriched” foods.Minerals, too, are available in natural foods, and, whenever possible, the natural minerals should be absorbed into the system when partaking of a diet of completely natural foods and in that way, we can avoid mineral deficiencies that result when minerals are taken in tablet or capsule form.  And again, “yes”, our plants, vegetables and livestock may need to supplement their food with natural minerals to allow the consumer – humans – to have minerals within these food sources, too.  It has been found that some of the minerals react with other foods in such a way as to be lost because they become insoluble or become saponified, which is a form of chemical decomposition.  Some minerals, unfortunately, are distributed only over a portion of the earth’s surface.  Consequently, they can be found only in foods grown in the places where these minerals are part of the soil.   Even our oceans that contain natural minerals, the antidote of all toxins in their composition, have been contaminated by major radioactivity exposures, oil spills and artificial biological remediation factors — with a dash of nano delivery systems.   All of this will accumulate somewhere and the majority of it will be in your own body if you do not detox and replenish your natural needed nutrients through primary natural food sources.

Where there is any lack of natural foods containing the natural minerals and vitamins, it is then important that the individual provide his/her body with these nutrients, preferably from naturally derived sources.  But it should be remembered that whenever possible, the vitamins and minerals as contained in the natural foods are best for the body.

Throughout the libraries of the world and related agricultural agencies, scientists are identifying the nutritive values of all natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and those values are fully explained.  With the aid of this blog/column, over time, my readers, with the aid of an index, can find which natural foods will provide the vitamins or minerals needed.  The index will also contain what type of chemical, advanced nano materials and hazardous material or other environmental parameters one may become exposed to over one’s lifetime and which of those are known to rob the body of its natural vitamin and mineral source.   It is my goal that over the weeks to come you become aware, gain more knowledge and educate yourself on how to help yourself through the ingesting of natural vitamins and minerals, as the seeds of scientific literature become the temples of knowledge and we index these findings for your convenience.

Dr. Hildy

Dr. Hildy

Creations’ Blessing to All,Dr. Hildy


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2)Wednesday, February 22, 2012 – OneCellOneLightRadio  
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27 Years: No Deaths from Vitamins, 3 Million from Prescription Drugs


All information contained herein is for educational purposes. The information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information is not intended to replace medical care, diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease. We believe in the individual’s informed right to choose their own health care methods. As always, consult with a health professional before attempting any self-health program.



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