4/3/12 – FromTheDeskOfDrHildy: Series 3 – Poison’s My Game! What’s Yours? Nano Crystals and Modified Food Starches

From the Desk of Dr. Hildy™

© April 2, 2012

Series 3: Poison’s My Game! What’s Yours?     

Poison's My Game! What's Yours?

Poison’s My Game! What’s Yours?

Nano Crystals and Modified Food Starches 

I have been asked by several of my associates to condense this particular blog into terms that the average reader may relate to in their home, work environment or within their everyday life style.   Well, if anyone knows me, sometimes it is hard to candy coat a technical piece, make it easier to understand or try to explain something technical to a non-technical minded person – so here goes.

Modified food starch is a term used in industry for any food starch that has something added to it or changed from its original form.  Food starches come from potatoes, corn and other similar produce that has a high starch yield in its chemical composition.   You may use corn starch to thicken your gravies, make fruit pie filling and pudding.  Sometimes regular starch is in breads, pasta and yogurts to add bulk to the finished product.    Rice and other staple food commodities are now being made as “artificial rice” through the use of modified food starch and other similar man-made materials.

My initial concern for my readers is that modified food starch does not just contain the original starch from a plant, but contains an equal amount of waterborne polyurethane.  This compound is a white powder version of the toxic substance – styrene, as found in making Styroform® cup material.  This material has been known to be a chemical carcinogen for close to 50 years.   Modified food starch is not only being used to make rice, but added to salad dressings, ketchup, cheeses, mayonnaise, beverages, candy, yogurts, animal feeds, medicines, health food products and Heaven forbid for the true Italian in us all – “It’s… ahh… in the SPAGHETTII, too.”   So my dear readers now is the time to read more about the technical stuff as associated with modified food starch and other materials used in it.

It is very important for all of my readers to read the original IEIA Criteria document on Nano Modified Food Starch and a technical review I made of the use of nano crystal starch as found as attachments to this blog.   Read, learn more and take your intelligence to a higher ground, because if you do not your pineal gland may become coated with modified food starch.

 NANO CRYSTAL MODIFIED FOOD STARCH – Overview © March 10, 2012 From The Desk Of Dr. Hildy – Series 3: Poison’s My Game! What’s Yours? From The Desk Of Dr. Hildy Series –

International Environmental Intelligence Agency (IEIA): CRITERIA DOCUMENT 01-1113-2009: Nano Modified Food Starch, Nano Delivery System Vaccines, Polystyrene, Styrofoam® and the Therputic Use of Essential Oils and Oil Blends. National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP), Forefront Magazine/Journal, Des Plaines, IL © November 2009. Staninger, Hildegarde.

Lin, Ning, Huang, Jin, Chang, Peter R., Anderson, Debbie P. and Jiahui Yu.  A  Review Preparation, Modification and Application of Starch Nanocrystals in Nanomaterials. Journal of Nanomaterials Volume 2011, Article ID 573687. Pages 13  DOI:  10.1155/2011/573687

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration Consultation Education & Training Division. ISOCYANATES MIOSHA/CET-5045 (3/04) Authority:  P.A. 154 of 1974  Licensing & Regulatory Affairs.

EPA submittal of Robust Testing and Assessment.  Group 16- Alkenyl Succinic Anhdyride Category, November 22, 2002.  High Production Volume (HPV).  Test Plan for Alkenyl Succinic Anhdyride Category.  http://www.1cellonelight.com/pdf/c14112tpANAEPARobustStudies.pdf

Modern Wheat Really Isn’t Wheat At All



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