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Dr. Hildy – Week of July 4 Special: All 2-Person Far-Infrared Sauna Orders Receive Free FIR Pad ($380 Value)


Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th!!

All 2-Person Far-Infrared Sauna Orders placed

through July 8th, 2012

MPS Far Infrared Sauna

MPS Far Infrared Sauna

WILL RECEIVE  a  FREE FIR Pad ($380 value!!).

MPS Far Infrared Pad

MPS Far Infrared Pad

Integrative Health Systems, LLC – 323-466-2599 – If you go to message, please leave your number and we’ll get right back with you.


This Far-Infrared Sauna is used in Dr. Staninger’s Los Angeles clinic to treat patients exhibiting exposure to toxins and nanamicrobic materials. For those unable to visit the clinic, this sauna brings the clinic to the comfort and privacy of your home. Although it looks like an ordinary infrared sauna, this unique technology uses Active Carbon FibersTM made from zirconia diamonds to deliver superior health benefits without the convection stream and high temperatures associated with traditional saunas.

Call for Price – Shipping and handling to the contiguous United States included.
Please allow 6 weeks for delivery. Read the rest of this entry


6/27/12 – FROM THE DESK OF DR. HILDY™ – Vitamin B-12

FROM THE DESK OF DR. HILDY™                  VITAMIN B12

by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1         Series 1:  Vitamins & Minerals

© May 26, 2012

Vitamin B-12 Sources

(This vitamin is found mainly in liver, kidney, muscle meats, oysters, milk, eggs, cheese and salt-water fish.  Of the vegetable foods, yeast, wheat germ and soybeans have cobalimin content, but  only small traces of it.)

with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

LISTEN TO HOUR 2 – Dr. Hildy and Shoshanna discuss B-VITAMINS and specifically Vitamin B-6 and then Vitamin B-12

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This vitamin is essential for the blood-forming organs of the bone marrow if they are to function properly.  Also, the nervous system depends upon this vitamin for nutrition.  One of the ingredients of this vitamin is cobalt, and it appears from the study of scientific materials that Vitamin B12 is now being referred to as cobalamin, because of the importance of cobalt in the diet.  Likewise, zinc is associated with this vitamin, the studies indicating that the vitamin cannot be synthesized without the help of zinc.  Vitamin B12 is also needed to help form hemoglobin scale.  Thus this vitamin is important for the prevention of anemia.  It also combines with folic acid to help produce the vital red blood cells.  Actually, it has been stated that less than one millionth of a gram of cobalamin is needed daily to meet the human body requirements.

The lack of cobalamin may cause pernicious anemia, due to the inability of the bone marrow to form blood when this vitamin is absent.  A symptom of lack of cobalamin is a shuffling gait.  Another indication is a loss of sense of position of the feet.  In severe cases, where there has been a degeneration of the spinal cord, there may be nerve and brain damage and even complete paralysis.

Another result of this deficiency is general malnutrition, marked by an insufficient production of sex hormones with the resultant lack of development or shriveling of Read the rest of this entry

6/27/12 – FROM THE DESK OF Dr. Hildy™ – Vitamin B-6

FROM THE DESK OF Dr. Hildy™                            VITAMIN B6

By Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1        Series 1:  Vitamins & Minerals

© May 26, 2012

Vitamin B-6 Sources

(Vitamin B6 is available from the consumption of liver, kidney, heart, corn oil, brewer’s yeast, honey, egg yolk, cabbage, whole grain cereals, whole grain breads and fish.)

with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

LISTEN TO HOUR 2 – Dr. Hildy and Shoshanna discuss B-VITAMINS and specifically Vitamin B-6  and then Vitamin B-12

~~~ Archived here for your listening convenience~~~

An important factor in the prevention of tooth decay is Vitamin B6.  This vitamin, also known as pyridoxine, has a soothing or sedative effect on the nerves and so it is of great value to people who wish to avoid nervousness.   This vitamin is of great value in maintaining the tone of the muscles, and of course the heart is a muscle and is immediately affected by a deficiency in this vitamin.  It is also of value in maintaining a normal blood count with an ample supply of hemoglobin, the coloring substance of the red blood corpuscles.In experiments with animals, it has been learned that Vitamin B6 is important for proper functioning of the pancreas.  If the pancreas sustains damage so that it cannot produce insulin, the hormone necessary for conversion of sugar (glucose) into energy, diabetes may be the result.

A deficiency in pyridoxine may result in an excessively oily skin, dizziness, tension, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, stiffness of the legs, palsy or trembling of limbs, known as Parkinson’s disease, swollen, red and sore skin, drooping shoulders and backs, a shuffling walk instead of normal walking and, in the case of pregnant women, dizziness, morning sickness and nausea.  Travelers are more apt to suffer
from car, train, sea and plane sickness when this vitamin is in short supply.  The tongue and the area under the tongue may develop ulcers and lesions may develop in the throat and around the mouth.  Experiments indicate that there is apt to be retarded growth, depressed appetite and poor utilization of food that is ingested.    The final result of the deficiency is death, preceded by convulsions.  The sedative effect of this vitamin upon the nerves has prompted its use in epilepsy cases and there have been some favorable responses in cases of muscular dystrophy.  Some investigators have reported that a deficiency of this vitamin may cause a rash or dermatitis in the vagina, with swelling, itching, bleeding and Read the rest of this entry

FROM THE DESK OF DR. HILDY™- Heavy Metals, Nano Particles and Nano Wires

Heavy Metals, Nano Particles and Nano Wires

© June 4, 2012………..Series 2: Chemicals & Nano
by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™, RIET-1

While reading the Pegasus, a magazine of the University of Central Florida’s Summer 2012 issue under a special section, “NANO: Will the Science of Small Ever Have Its Big Moment?” you will find that aluminum, generally considered a stable and soft metal, is combustible as a nanoparticle, and two years ago, researchers unveiled nano-engineered aluminum alloys that were stronger than steel.1The University of North Texas in their Lab Safety Training2 modules specifically addresses nanoparticulate safety by saying the following:

·Nanochemistry is a new discipline with structures that have unique properties.These are assemblies of atoms or molecules on a scale of the building blocks.They are ultrafine particles measuring in between 1-1000nanometers (nm).The use of nanoscale structures, devices and systems that may have utility for chemicals that require nanoscale applications.The advantage of the nano materials is that they provide so much more surface area than the same amount of larger-grained materials.They can create products which are much more durable, effective, wear-free and other possibilities yet to be discovered.

·Nanoparticles act like a gas and pass through skin and lung tissue to penetrate cell membranes.Once inside the cell, they might become toxic or disrupt normal cell chemistry.Threadlike nanotubes are structurally similar to asbestos fibers, which can cause lung problems when inhaled in large amounts over long periods.It is strongly recommended that nanoparticle stocks when dry should be handled inside an appropriate glove box.Workers should wear protective equipment, including safety goggles, lab coats, and gloves if handling or transporting materials outside of a glove box.Nanoparticle solutions may be handled on the lab bench once placed in solution.Workers should wear protective equipment, including safety goggles, lab coats and gloves.Transport of nano-materials should employ a secondary containment device.Limit access in areas where experiments are being carried out.Only trained personnel may be permitted to work in these areas.Nanoparticle waste must be contained and labeled for chemical content.

·Use the Risk Management Website ( ) to “Request Haz Pickup.”Contact the HazMat Officer at 940-369-8084 with any questions about a pick up.Prohibit of eating and drinking in laboratories.Equipment used for handling of nanoparticles must be evaluated for safety concerns.Regular cleaning of bench tops, floors and other surfaces with bleach or other applicable disinfectant.Report any accident to your supervisor.

Yes, nano has come a long way to be recognized as a hazardous material called nanoparticles, while other forms of advanced nano materials may be in the form of claws, hooks, tubes, wires, or even wires dipped into other toxic substances like nanogold wires or particles coated with arsenic, which opens a whole new world as to its physical chemical characteristics in its new nano – 50 atoms or less size.

In the past, a substance was considered toxic only if we could observe obvious symptoms following exposures, but with the advent of better methods of examining events on cellular and even sub-cellular levels, we now recognize that subtle toxicities can disrupt cellular function without producing obvious clinical toxicity – a condition known as subclinical toxicity.It may take years for such toxicity to produce obvious signs and symptoms.As you know by now, the ultimate effect of a toxin will have on a particular individual depends on numerous variables, such as genetic susceptibility, the strength of the antioxidant system, age, associated toxicities such as alcohol abuse, smoking and exposure to other toxic chemicals, concomitant diseases, nutrition, and physical conditioning. Symptoms of exposure and then their related diseases may manifest rapidly. If the materials cover the cells membrane and cause it to lose cellular respiration, it initiates cellular dysfunction or eventually cellular death mechanisms.3, 4 Read the rest of this entry