6/27/12 – FROM THE DESK OF DR. HILDY™ – Vitamin B-12

FROM THE DESK OF DR. HILDY™                  VITAMIN B12

by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1         Series 1:  Vitamins & Minerals

© May 26, 2012

Vitamin B-12 Sources

(This vitamin is found mainly in liver, kidney, muscle meats, oysters, milk, eggs, cheese and salt-water fish.  Of the vegetable foods, yeast, wheat germ and soybeans have cobalimin content, but  only small traces of it.)

with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

LISTEN TO HOUR 2 – Dr. Hildy and Shoshanna discuss B-VITAMINS and specifically Vitamin B-6 and then Vitamin B-12

~~~ Archived here for your listening convenience~~~

This vitamin is essential for the blood-forming organs of the bone marrow if they are to function properly.  Also, the nervous system depends upon this vitamin for nutrition.  One of the ingredients of this vitamin is cobalt, and it appears from the study of scientific materials that Vitamin B12 is now being referred to as cobalamin, because of the importance of cobalt in the diet.  Likewise, zinc is associated with this vitamin, the studies indicating that the vitamin cannot be synthesized without the help of zinc.  Vitamin B12 is also needed to help form hemoglobin scale.  Thus this vitamin is important for the prevention of anemia.  It also combines with folic acid to help produce the vital red blood cells.  Actually, it has been stated that less than one millionth of a gram of cobalamin is needed daily to meet the human body requirements.

The lack of cobalamin may cause pernicious anemia, due to the inability of the bone marrow to form blood when this vitamin is absent.  A symptom of lack of cobalamin is a shuffling gait.  Another indication is a loss of sense of position of the feet.  In severe cases, where there has been a degeneration of the spinal cord, there may be nerve and brain damage and even complete paralysis.

Another result of this deficiency is general malnutrition, marked by an insufficient production of sex hormones with the resultant lack of development or shriveling of the breasts, ovaries and other sex organs.  The sexual characteristics of the individual will also suffer, the female becoming less feminine and the male less manly.  Among the women there will probably be irregular menstruation, a decrease in the flow or even a complete cessation, although normal menstruation may take place with the missing vitamin is supplied.  Women suffering from a foul-smelling vaginal discharge may possibly have brought about the condition by failing to obtain cobalimin in their diets.

This vitamin is found mainly in liver, kidney, muscle meats, oysters, milk, eggs, cheese and salt-water fish.  Of the vegetable foods, yeast, wheat germ and soybeans have cobalimin content, but  only small traces of it.  Vegetarians are therefore at a distinct disadvantage so far as utilizing this vitamin is concerned unless they obtain some cobalimine before it is too late.


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Vitamin B-12 Image Courtesy of ADAM*

Also some oncologists are using high levels of B12 in their cancer treatments.
Recommended: Vitamins B-6, B-12 and Folic Acid (I add amino acids)
Dementia: Vitamin B supplement tackles disease so why is drug industry spending billions? | Mail Online

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