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“Stars of God” – I Found This Really, Really Old Picture of You

old picture of you

With all thanks to the poetress……..

Stars of God
We are the twinkling stars of the Son of God
The Son shines brightest
We do not take away from His light
We reflect it
Just as the sun’s light is reflected  
On the planets in the heavens
All the stars are reflections of His light
Reflections of Him
He in us
We are His Stars
Written in eternity
Players on the stage of Heaven
Curtain Calls
The Glory of God
Of His coming
To reclaim
His Inheritance
Children of God
Birthed in Love
Transformed Grace
Ripe for Love
For the New Dawn
The bright
Morning Son
We Are
Us in Him is We
Deborah Goodlove
Monday, April 4, 2005 ©

INSPIRATIONAL Holiday Greeting from the Desk of Dr. Hildy®

~Josaphine Wall~

~Josaphine Wall~

From the Desk of Dr. Hildy
© 2013
Different Ways to View Life

What is life from its beginning to end?  All of us feel this silent calling within each of our own hearts’ and then as our heart opens to the creation of life, we feel its resonances deep within our being.  We shed a tear or two at the movies, while reading a book or even with a conversation with a friend.  Sometimes we are deeply positive within our own being that, we do not even know how to comprehend “depression or a depressing time,” because we are just a soul that rejoices each morning with the birth of the SUN each day.   A happy heart is always smiling from within as it gives rise to a seedling of hope to bring forth faith throughout its own existence and the souls that are touched by this heart throughout the Milky Way and all the other universes within the limitlessness of the COSMOS.

Every evening each and every soul on this beautiful jewel of the sea of life – Earth – we look up into the heavens in search of what – life and the knowing that we are the dust of God and his creation – Man.

All at once the universal quickening of the essence of life within each of our hearts as radiated by our souls to shine the brightest lights in the heavenly stars.   Everyone of us start life as a cell – a reflection of a universe with its nucleus being its central sun to burst forth in its own quickening – a cosmic cellular burst of life from deep within its existence.

Each religious tradition has its own ideas about the nature of life.  Different people and traditions see life differently, whether as a game, as a series of challenges, as an opportunity to grow, or as a divine play.  Some believe that life is made of suffering, while others say it is of the nature of supreme bliss.  Seen from a more universal perspective, these views are neither right nor wrong, but merely different faces of the ultimately unknowable nature of life.   Just as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King would use 6 masks to cover his existence within his life – the hermit, the monk, the warrior (rebel), the prince, the emperor, and the peasant.  The very existences of his masks were the various stages of his life and its co-existence within life itself.

Ever since Creation began – LIFE – has been receiving the truth of heaven, the beauty of Earth, the essence of the Sun and the splendor of the Moon; and as it had been influenced by them and for so long as there was the will of being miraculous powers, to unfold from pure consciousness into the world. The awareness of the world, as it came into being within each of our minds, intelligence and self-awareness, was born as it brought forth the blossoms of the senses to take physical form in this life form.

One common analogy used to describe how seemingly opposing theories can fit together within an unknowable bigger picture is the story of six blind men who came upon an elephant.

The first man touched the elephant’s leg and announced, “The elephant is a pillar.”  The second man touched the tail and disputed the first, saying, “Oh, no, it is like a rope.”   The third touched the trunk of the elephant and said, “It is like a thick branch of a tree.  The forth touched the elephant’s ear and said, “It is like a big hand fan.”  The fifth blind man touched the belly of the elephant and declared, “It is like a huge wall.”  And the sixth man touched the tusk of the elephant and said, “It is a solid pipe.”

Different philosophical approaches to the nature of the universe are like the different interpretations of these six blind men.  All these blind men are both right and wrong, with each giving a different piece of the puzzle of what an elephant really is.  Each viewpoint is valuable to consider and contemplate, but you wouldn’t want to limit your understanding of the elephant or the universe to any one definition or close the door to other possibilities, especially when opportunity may come knocking at the door through a storm of chaos.

May the Holiday Season of 2013 bring you inspiration, peace, good health, fulfillment of your dreams and prosperity for you and your family and friends.
~~HS ~~

Dec. 2013 – HOLIDAY SPECIALS! Dr. Hildy Recommends…

         How antioxidants work – Lester Packer, Ph.D., et al 

“For one thing, cancer is not one disease, but an umbrella term for many different diseases, all characterized by the abnormal growth of cells.”  ~ Lester Packer, Ph.D. and Carol Colman authors of The Antioxidant Miracle © 1999.

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DECEMBER 2013 – Specials
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Baci Man – with Jerusalem Artichoke Powder
60 capsules
$39.95 + Shipping – while supplies last
        *Aids in removing toxins, weight loss and metabolism*
2 capsules Morning and Evening
Ingredients: Jerusalem Artichoke Powder, Okra, Nasturtium, Mango and Hungarian Paprika


Alpha Lipoic Acid, 1,000 mg – 60 Capsules – $19.95 + Shipping
(alpha) Lipoic Acid
  • Lipoic acid is the only antioxidant that can significantly boost the levels of glutathione by approximately 30%.
  • Can regenerate water-soluble vitamins (C and glutathione) and fat soluble (vitamin E) antioxidants
  • Aids in restoring the oxygen molecules to create free radical bursts, which overwhelm the brain’s antioxidant defenses.
  • Aids in brain and heart repair after a stroke from oxygen deficiencies within a cell.
  • Works with l-carnitine, to rejuvenate mitochondria as it restores energy.
  • Aids in detoxification of cellular membrane and cytoplasmic toxins as it, also suppresses and blocks bad genes from expressing themselves from toxic exposures.
  • A molecular cousin to the B vitamin Biotin.  If taking over 100 mg  lipoic acid, add some Biotin to the diet.
Curcumin (active ingredient in Tumeric) 1,000 mg –
60 Capsules – $19.95

 A “spice of life’ used to promote good digestion, fight infection, treat liver problems and relive arthritis.

  • Curcuminoids work well in relieving pain and stiffness from arthritis
  • Lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.
  • Inhibits the formation of many different types of cancer in animals exposed to known carcinogens.
  • Curcuminoids help to modulate the effects of nitric acid that is produced by immune cells and can be harmful to the cell if not removed.
600 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World’s Most Important Herb
Turmeric: A Wellness Promoting Tonic At Low Doses, Research Reveals
The Most Exhaustive Turmeric Research Archive on the Internet: – YouTube
SOD Cream (Super Oxide Dismutase) – 4 oz. squirt bottle –    Special  $19.95 + Shipping
* For the face, neck and hands, and absorption into the body
* A powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce free radical oxidative damage (for example, to reduce fibrosis following radiaton for breast cancer)and promotes cell reproduction if the skin tissue.  Supports the natural skin oxidation process.
  • A powerful anti-inflammatory compound for colitis.
  • Aids in decreasing reactive oxygen species generation and oxidative stress
  • Inhibits endothelial activation and indicates that modulation of factors that govern adhesion molecule expression and leukocyte-endothelial interactions.
  • Aids as a therapy for  inflammatory bowel  disease.
  • Aids in reducing free radical damage to the skin and is known to reverse fibrosis, perhaps through reversion of myofibroblasts back to bibroblasts.
  • SOD is not expressed in neural crest cells in the developing fetus.  Hence, high levels of free radicals can cause damage to them and induce dystrophic anomalies (neural tube defects).
  • Aids in reducing the effects of hypertension, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).
  • SOD is known as the most “ancient” metalloenzymes and has been found within both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
  • SOD protects from the superoxide radical (O2), which is known to denature enzymes, oxidize lipids and fragment DNA.  SOD catalyzes the production of O2 and H2O2 from the superoxide radical, too.
  • Note :  Mutations in SOD-1 have been linked to cause familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a form of motor neuron disease.  The most common mutation in the U.S. is A4V, while the most intensely studies is G93A.  Several prokaryotic SOD null mutants have been generated, including E. coli.  The loss of periplasmic  CuZnSOD (SOD-1) causes loss of virulence and might be an attractive target for new antibiotics. 
Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™, RIET-1, Integrative Health Systems™, LLC, ©September 2009 –  PowerPoint-Superoxide-Dismutase-SOD, Staninger, September, 2009
Retinol A Cream – 4 oz squirt bottle – Special $19.95 + Shipping
  • Active components of vitamin A, a powerful protection factor against various types of cancer.
  • Boosts the immune system as it aids in cellular regeneration inside and outside.
  • Anti-wrinkle and aid in free radical suppression.
  • Aids in color protection of rods within the eye for black and white vision.
  • Protects skin against cancer and promotes healthy skin.
  • Reduces tumor formation by 76% per Cleveland Clinic.

 Beta Glucan Cream – 4 oz squirt bottle – Special $19.95 + Shipping 

  • The natural cellulose component of plants (yeast, barley (aids with diabetes), fungi, mushrooms, bran, oats, rye and wheat.
  • Aids in reduction of tumoricidal effects.
  • Aids in the prevention of infection.
  • Aids with allergic rhinitis.
  • Aids in reducing arthritis pain.
  • Contributes to maintenance of normal blood cholesterol  concentrations.
  • Aids in reducing disease risk as recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
  • Yeast and medicinal mushrooms derived beta glucan are noted for their ability to modulate the immune system.

Co Enzyme Q10 – 4 oz Squirt Bottle – Special $19.95 + Shipping

  • Boosts the effectiveness of T ccells.
  • Aids in recycling vitamin E.
  • Rejuvenates the brain and nerve cells as seen in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.
  • Reduces oxidative stress.
  • Helps promote healthy gene expression.
  • Reduces plaque and gum disease.
  • Supports collagen in gum tissue and skin as it aids in energy production.

Progesterone – 4 oz squirt bottle – Special $19.95 + Shipping

  • Lack of progesterone can cause irregular female menstrual cycle.
  • It is needed in embryogenesis of humans and other species.
  • Progesterone is produced in the ovaries (by the corpus luteum), the adrenal glands (near the kidney) and during pregnancy, in the placenta.   Progesterone is also stored in adipose (fat) tissue.
  • Yam and sweet potatoes contain high amounts of saponins- which are convertible to progesterone.
  • When lacking progesterone elevated levels of cholesterol may form, due to the body’s need to oxidize cholesterol into progesterone.
  • Males and females are affected by low levels of progesterone by reduction in adrenal cortical steroids.
  • Elevated  levels of progesterone is associated with temporary increase in sodium retention (reduced natriuresis, with an increase in extracellular fluid volume) due to the compensatory increase in aldosterone production, which combats the blockade of the mineralocorticoid receptor by the previously elevated level of projecterone.
  • Progesterone modulates activity of CatSper (cation channels of sperm) voltage-gated Ca2+ channels.  Since eggs release progesterone, sperm may use progesterone as a homing signal to swim toward eggs (chemo taxis).  Hence substances that block the progesterone binding site on CatSper channels could potentially be used in male contraception.

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