Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease by Yolanda Hadid


Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible
Disability of Lyme Disease
by Yolanda Hadid
St. Martin’s Press © 2017

To ALL Our Fans at “One Cell One Light®” Radio Show:

I want to guide you to read the book by Ms. Yolanda Hadid, entitled Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease, which just hit the book shelves on September 12, 2017. ( &

The book brings out the various healthcare providers she saw throughout her journey to recovery in her battle against Lyme Disease. She even discusses on certain pages going to see her toxicologist, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger®, RIET-1, where she learned about essential oils, rose and orange water.

Over the years I have recommended to Lyme and other patients/clients the essential oil soft gels such as Slim & Sassy; Triease; Digest Zen and On Guard, manufactured by doTerra® (www.doterra.con/drhildy).  And  don’t  forget  my recipes for Orange and Rose water we use in our Dr. Hildy®’s Whole Body Detoxification and Environmental Health Educational Programs (.pdf).   They are quite refreshing.

Currently, I have reviewed the ingredients of a coffee that is designed to stimulate internal thermogenesis, which interact with your mitochondria and stimulates heat production, so it will allow the mitochondria to function properly as it burns fat (to reduce weight) and increase circulation. It is called Revital U Brew. It is known to reset your cells to remember who they were originally as created. This is so important to so many environmental stress factor exposures that may lead to increasing the potential risk of initiating an illness or disease over time.

Revital U Brew was introduced to my listeners on the One Cell One Light Radio Show during our Labor Day Weekend Show, September 4, 2017. “Flowers are for Beauty, Fruit and Nuts are for Health,”  ( ) because a coffee bean is a hard nut to crack and that is why we grind it.

Coming soon, before the year 2017 is over, we will have a show about my new book Cricket the K-Town Kitty: A Tale of Who I Am . Our special guest on the show will  be the leading authoritarian on Ancient Cat Ancestry, as reported in the National Geographic magazine, Dr. Leslie Lyons, Professor, University of Missouri.

Purchase these new books so you will know the answers to the special prize questions, when you try to win a very SPECIAL Dr. HILDY PRIZE that includes the new Baci Mi®  Gel “Ciao Ciao Meow” in honor Cricket the K-Town Kitty.  (An announcement for ordering will be published here when the book is released – soon! –  by the publisher – Cricket the K-Town Kitty: A Tale of Who I Am )

Ciao Ciao Meow from
Dr. Hildy
®  and Cricket the K-Town Kitty
© September 18, 2017

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