From the Desk of Dr. Hildy®: CHERRY BLOSSOM TIME – Dragon Gate Bookstore in Hawaii

From the Desk of Dr. Hildy®


Ms. Emily Ng

100 N. Beretania Street, #A-120
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Tel:  (808)-533-7147     email:


From the Desk of Dr. Hildy® – March 1, 2018
DRAGON GATE Bookstore, Honolulu, Hawaii

Well, it has been raining “Cats and Dogs” with universal harmony for the Chinese New Year of the Dog – 2018.  Yes, that little pooch has been inspiring the spiritual side of Cricket the K-Town Kitty and her good friends Dune and Randolph, the Furry Sleuths of the Arizona Desert. It is the Year of the Dog, who wagged his tail to bring in the energy to heal and inspire loyalty with a blessing of prosperity to all through friendships.

The 2018 Little New Year Doggie has brought Dr. Hildy® and Cricket a bridge to a little part of China through a special boutique bookstore known to all in Honolulu, Hawaii, as the DRAGON GATE Bookstore.   This quaint bookstore that nurtures the mind is owned and operated by Ms. Emily Ng.   Tourists in Hawaii may enjoy experiencing a little bit of China as they browse through the book store and then get a bite to eat while journeying on your way to waterfalls with sea turtles swimming below on the other islands of Hawaii with the smell of flowers and pineapples in the air.

What is so special about this store – it specializes in Asian genera, which goes right to the heart of Dr. Hildy® when she created her first Asian inspired product Dragonfly in tribute to the Dragons of Asia.   Dragonfly gel is a blend of essential oils of lemongrass and basil that are the favorite aromas of the ancient Dragons of ME, who are known to create the music of the primordial universal melody for your own individual empowerment.  And what better way to do it than through DRAGONFLY gel.

The DRAGON GATE Bookstore has all of Dr. Hildy®’s and Cricket’s favorite Asian movies, too. New, Old and Special Favorites like House of Flying Daggers, Red Cliff, K-20, the new Takeshi Kaneshiro movies, It’s Not What I Expected, and See You Tomorrow, among many others.

The store will have in stock very soon, the new Donnie Yen movie ICEMAN 2, which is to be released in April of 2018.    And Dr. Hildy® will tell you herself, “Who else can play a very good Monkey King, but non-other than only Donnie Yen himself.”  “He has the characterization down to a science for the Monkey King.”

The DRAGON GATE Bookstore will keep Dr. Hildy®’s three books in stock,  as well as special Dragon Paintings and Dr. Hildy®’s Cricket’s Cat Fishing Line ~ guaranteed to catch a cat every time.

  • Dragons of ME  from the Seven Cosmic Seas of ME (co-authored with Roberto Mentuccia).
  • Cricket the K-Town Kitty: A Tale of Who I Am.
  • Portals to Destiny.

In CELEBRATION of this auspicious time we’re building a bridge to a bookstore that can fulfill your orders for Asian DVDs and Literature through the DRAGON GATE Bookstore. One Cell One Light Radio Show will present a special show on the films of Takeshi Kaneshiro on March 14, 2018. Watch for the promo email and check the website for the March 14, 2018, live show or listen to the archives after the original show date.

Takeshi Kaneshiro has been a bridge to Japan and China as well as in the hearts of many fans in the United States and the rest of the world.  Kaneshiro is just as Sessue Hayakawa was during the Golden Age of the American Silent Cinema, who was known as the precursor to Valentino.  The world has been following this multi-faceted and talented star as an actor, singer and professional model, since his early teenage professional career unfolded its wings.  And with a little help from the Dragons of ME, the world will see him shine his own star in Hollywood for all to see, just as the Three Kings of Hollywood did in its Golden Age:  Sessue Hayakawa, Rudolph Valentino and Ramon Novarro.

And as usual, Dr. Hildy® will be giving a “GIFT Give Away” to the first caller to call on March 14, 2018 – during the One Cell One Light Radio Show and give the correct answer the show’s question correctly (phone:  323-466-2599).  So look for the show in March because the special gift collection from Dr. Hildy®and Cricket will honor Takeshi Kaneshiro and Japan.  It will include 5 DVD’s of the movies of Takeshi Kaneshiro:  1) House of Flying Daggers, 2) Red Cliff, 3) Returner, 4)  This is Not What I Expected and 5) Wu-Xia (Dragon – with Donnie Yen).  There will be also some special gifts from Cricket the K-Town Kitty to bring forth Spring as we dream of Cherry Blossoms in Japan.

And while you tour little China Town of Honolulu, Hawaii and visit the DRAGON GATE bookstore, you may want to go the Ms. Emily Ng’s favorite restaurant called Legend Seafood to experience a very good dim sum and Cantonese style food.   It is located near the DRAGON GATE Bookstore at 100 N. Beretania St. # 108, Honolulu, Hawaii.

So DO NOT FORGET to keep the location, address and phone number handy for the DRAGONS GATE Bookstore as you place your orders for your favorite Asian Movie or books.   Remember to say Dr. Hildy® and Cricket sent you there.

Just think of it, what a beautiful place for the DRAGONS of ME to go – the Island of Hawaii at the DRAGON GATE Bookstore, the first store to have Dr. Hildy®’s books on its shelves in the world.  What a true honor to be bestowed on from this little bit of China, where the Legends of Dragons grew, just as a single little grain of sand turns into a pearl – the precious jewel of a Dragon.

Emily Ng
100 N. Beretania Street, #A-120
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Tel:  (808)-533-7147

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