FromTheDeskOfDr.Hildy®: Hedy Lamarr – The Lady Who Created Frequency Hopping

FROM THE DESK of Dr. Hildy®

Hedy Lamarr:  The Lady Who Created Frequency Hopping

If any of my audience had grandparents or even parents’ who lived through World War II, you would always hear of the ravishing beauty of the actress of the 1930’s and 40’s Ms. Hedy Lamarr.   She was a Hollywood icon whose own beauty was the inspiration of the character for Snow White and “yes” even the Cat Woman.

Ms. Hedy Lamarr has been called a technological trailblazer who perfected a secure radio guidance system for the Allied Troops torpedoes during World War II.   Her creative genius matched her beauty, which lead the world into Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth and many other systems.

Two years ago, One Cell One Light Radio Show did a special program on the Lady who created Frequency Hopping a gift she wanted to give to our US Navy to help the Allied Troops.


7-27-16- Dr. Hildy®-Hr 1-Wireless Spread-Spectrum Inventor Hedy Lamarr – ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’

We are re- airing this show due to the recent documentary release of Bombshell:  The Hedy Lamarr Story, Neflex® © 2017.

Ms. Lamarr’s contribution to engineering and science in wireless technology with her fellow inventor was so critical at its original time and now.   Many inventors go unrecognized for their contributions and even lose the rights to their own patents, so that another government, agency, military department or person can take over their work and reap a financial reward that would surpass anyone’s expectations.   I feel deeply that this is what exactly happened to Ms. Hedy Lamarr with her work with frequency jamming systems as well as the ability to use ultra wide spectrum systems of radio frequency, so that it may be used to hop into different frequencies through channel switching.

I greatly appreciate her works at all levels and her desire to be great in the TRUTH of GREATNESS.

AND We have a winner!  

GRAND PRIZE:   Baci Mi® Gift Package of the DVD’s of some of Hedy Lamarr movies including Algiers and Samson and Delilah with Bombshell:  The Story of Hedy Lamarr.   Ms. Quito Skin Toner, several Baci Mi® gels and some extra surprises.

Question:   Name the movie in which  Hedy Lamarr started with Victor Mature in a biblical story.

Remember you may call in as many times as you like to win the prize.   The correct answer is the only one that wins.   Phone:  323-466-2599






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