FromTheDeskofDrHildy®-Thanksgiving, Black Friday and CYBER WEEK

From the Desk of Dr. Hildy®   November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU from ALL of US


Here we go again to celebrate Turkey Day.   All of us at One Cell One Light® Radio would like to wish you a super duper Holiday Season with all of the Fixings.   Cricket the K-Town Kitty will be playing with her Cat Fishing Line as well as her rolling Weasel.

She has been planning on visiting her good friends the Furry Sleuths, Randolph and Dune over the holidays to look for the Red Eared Turtle of China Town.  So they will be quite busy as this year ends and 2019 begins.

Randolph and Dune have been busy at Casa di Baci Mi®, since October wrapping their special gift packages, “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.”    Each gift package will have  one of their puppies to take home.
Furry Sleuth Puppies

Cricket has been wrapping her “Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag”  gift packages and putting a little sleeping kitten in it with a Baci Mi® Fermented Oil or Lip Gloss with a Cat Fishing Line, too.

We hope that this holiday season is full of JOY, WEALTH, HEALTH and HAPPINESS for each and every one of your Pets, You and Your Family.    And as you eat your turkey sandwiches on Black Friday take a look at:

Dr. Hildy’s new Products websites – Holiday Specials

REVITAL U – Suppress your appetite.*

Boost your energy.

Stay focused.* By drinking just one cup a day, revital U Smart Coffee effortlessly helps you manage your weight, improve mental focus and boost your energy.*

NEW Cocoa from 
Daily Cup of Cocoa Helps Prevent Flu – 


Body of – Gifts to make your Body of Lite shine Brite!

Dr. Hildy® 2018 Holiday Special – .pdf 

Baci Mi® Flyer Oxygeneted Oil & Coconut 2018

Baci Mi® brochure


Perfect Pet Products, LLC – Holiday Specials Dr. Steven Hadaway, Perfect Pet Products, LLC    Phone:  269-429-6962

Petco Becomes First Major Pet Store to Ban Products with Artificial Ingredients


Dr. Hildy, Shoshanna, Eric, Marco, Baci Man, Cricket the K-Town Kitty and the
Furry Sleuths, Randoph and Dune


On December 5, 2018 One Cell One Light® Radio will have Louis A. Del Monte as our guest on his new book, Genius Weapons.   To purchase this book for the holidays and read it before the show go to:

Genius Weapons: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Weaponry, and the Future of Warfare Paperback – November 6, 2018 – Louis A. Del Monte (Author)



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