Oct. 17, 2019 – FROM THE DESK OF Dr. Hildy®- SHAR NIL and PIG JADE DRAGONS

FROM THE DESK OF Dr. Hildy® – © October 17, 2019


Several years ago, Roberto Mentuccia and I wrote a beautiful spiritual muse book entitled Dragons of the Seven Cosmic Seas of ME, Xulon Press, Inc., Maitland, Florida © 2016.

Recently, while I was looking at various museum images of dragons in jewelry, I found that there was a “C” shaped dragon made out of pig jade discovered in the inner Ancient Mongolian regions of Hongsheng, China.   The piece was thought to be over 5,3000 years old.   A similar piece of this type of artwork jewelry was sold at Christie’s Auction for $ 2.9 million dollars.   The interesting thing is that if you read our book, you will see this same “C” shaped dragon that was illustrated by me.   At the time of drawing the “C” shaped dragon I did not know anything about the pig jade dragon jewelry pieces from Hongsheng, China.   The dragon I drew was Shar Nil, whose crystal dust is of carnelian.

Shar Nil is the Dragon guardian of the Sound of the Universe.   He glistens and reflects the light of God’s Seven Rays to make the perfect tones known as the “Seven Spheres of the Universe.”  A single sphere will move their perfect tone to form a dimension of possibilities that will radiate from the faith one has deep within their own heart.   He is the guardian of the crystal Carnelian, the dust found in the Divine Heart of God.

The crystal Carnelian is Shar Nil.  His color ranges from white to yellow and even from white color to a red.  His individual crystal dust forms the shape of a hexagon.   He is known throughout the Seven Cosmic Seas of ME as the “ELIXIR” that purifies a being and their surroundings.   The agent of the Most High that calms One and purifies their soul as he provides the connective “thread” between the intellectual mind, spirit and life’s quickening.

And the one that allows a Being to Dance on the “Razor’s Edge of Life” as his Brothers and he brings forth the fruition of your work.   The single word that describes him is ELOQUENCE as he travels from the constellation of Aries to aid you in your vibrations of life.

Remember the Dragons of ME make the energy creating the sound of the universe “OM”, so God may create the threads of Being so he may weave the tapestry of LIFE.

We hope you will read our book the Dragons of the Seven Cosmic Seas of ME, which is sold online at links below.


Jade Dragon – Neolithic, Hongshan Culture6000-5000 BC

Height 26.3cm, Width 29.3cm

Excavated in 1971 from Sanxingtalacun, Ongniud Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Made of bluish-green jade, the dragon’s body forms a C-shape. It has a long extended snout, protruding tear-shaped oval eyes, an upturned nose with a flat end and two nostrils, characteristic of a pig’s snout. The mouth is depicted using fine lines. There is a regular network of fine lines on its forehead and jaw. Its mane extends along the back of its neck and spine and curls upwards like a long hook: it is 21cm long. The mane is flat and thin with a shallow groove ground lengthways into its top and a pattern of fine lines. The edges and tip are ground to a blade-like sharpness. A hole pierces the middle of the body, 0.95cm in diameter, and was used to suspend the dragon. The tails curls inwards and has a rounded end.

This piece is quite large, meticulously cut and exquisitely engraved with a very distinctive shape. While the dragon’s facial features, a synthesis of several animals, are carved with care, its body is undecorated but powerful. The shape is simple and natural, yet possessing animation, and lacking legs, horns and scales the body resembles that of a large and powerful snake.

This is the earliest jade dragon discovered in China and dates from 5,000 years ago. With both material and spiritual force, it is a rare work of art, and has become famous as ‘The First Dragon of China’. (Zhang Runping)



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